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At the mention of braces, many people remember old school days of mouths full of metal. Fortunately, dental technology has come a long way and there are several teeth straightening options available which are less noticeable and offer more comfort. Nowadays, even adults are coming to Fine Dentistry for braces as they are more comfortable, discreet and efficient than ever before.

We recommend starting early with orthodontic check-ups so problems can be identified and corrective measures taken from an early age. A child’s first orthodontic appointment should be around 7. However, you are never too old to receive orthodontic treatment. If you want straighter teeth, braces can help you.

There is a range of different types of available, depending on preference and budget:

Metal braces

The most commonly known and affordable type of braces, the metal brackets fit onto the teeth to move them to the desired place. Modern metal braces are smaller than older styles, making them less noticeable. Archwires can also be heat-activated to help move teeth into place more efficiently and with less discomfort compared to older styles of braces.

Length of metal braces depends on the severity of the orthodontic situation. It can be anywhere from 12 to 24 months. The advantage of metal braces is that they are a tried and tested method with fantastic orthodontic results. It’s important to take care of braces to ensure that they are not on for longer than they need to be.

Ceramic braces

Similar to metal braces, but the brackets are clear or tooth-coloured to be less noticeable. Tooth-coloured wires are also available to make the braces even less noticeable. This is a viable option for both teens and adults who may find visible braces as an inconvenience. They still offer the same effectiveness of traditional metal braces, with the added ability of discretion.

Lingual Braces

These are the same as metal braces, but are placed on the inside of the teeth, making your treatment nearly impossible to identify. They give you the same effective treatment of metal braces; however, as they are placed on the back of the tooth they are not noticeable to most people. Like ceramic braces, this is a great option for adults who wish to have straight teeth but are hesitant as it may impact on their professional working life.

Each option has pros and cons and may not be suitable in every case. Your orthodontist can make a recommendation based on your personal situation and which type of braces will most likely provide your desired result.

Braces Melbourne

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