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Having broken, chipped or misshapen teeth can cause patients to feel self-conscious, hiding their smile when laughing or avoiding a camera. As an experienced cosmetic dentist, we have seen many different cases from Melbourne patients over the years and know every individual has different expectations and requirements.

Let our cosmetic dentist put you at ease and discuss your concerns in a friendly, soothing environment at our Melbourne clinic. We can advise you on the options available so you can make an informed choice when deciding on the best cosmetic procedure for your teeth. Since each case is unique, we can put together a quote based on your budget and the outcomes you are seeking.

Fine Dentistry provides a range of cosmetic procedures to help you feel proud of your smile, including:

Porcelain Crowns & Veneers

A crown is a permanently bonded cap over a broken or damaged tooth, while veneers are thin shells secured to the front of the teeth. Many people choose these options to cover unsightly broken, chipped or discoloured teeth or hide gaps.

Find out more about crowns and veneers here.

Dental Bridges

Missing teeth can be replaced with a dental bridge, where the teeth on either side of the gap act as anchors to hold in place a false tooth. There are different types of bridges, depending on your requirements. Dental bridges can restore your smile, as well as making chewing and speaking easier.

Find out more about dental bridges here.

Dental Reconstruction

You may have several concerns about your smile, and our cosmetic dentist can discuss with you the options available for dental reconstruction. Multiple procedures may be required to obtain your desired result, which could include implants, porcelain crowns and veneers, teeth whitening and dental bridges.

Find out more about dental reconstructions here.

Gum Lift

Although there may be nothing wrong with your teeth, some people feel embarrassed by the excessive exposure of gums. The problem can be easily fixed with a simple gum lift procedure, which reduces the appearance of the gums and exposes more of the tooth’s surface.

Find out more about gum lifts here.

Teeth Whitening

Some staining and discolouration can’t be removed from the teeth with brushing and your regular dental clean. Teeth whitening is a simple procedure which can be completed either in-chair or with a take-home kit. The result is a set of whiter, brighter teeth and a smile to impress.

Find out more about teeth whitening here.

Cosmetic Dentist Melbourne

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