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Missing teeth can be embarrassing, as well as limiting the types of foods a person can eat and how they speak. At Fine Dentistry, we have helped numerous patients at our Melbourne clinic recover a natural looking smile with our dental implants procedures. Implants can complete your smile, help give back the freedom and pleasure of eating everyday foods, can remove problems with speech and restoring the appearance of a smile to it’s original and natural look.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are fixed tooth replacement appliances. A titanium post is inserted into the gum to replace the missing tooth root. Once this has healed over and can provide the necessary support, a crown is attached to the post (via an abutment). The crown is colour matched to the surrounding teeth making it seamlessly blend into your existing smile. This type of tooth replacement provides incredible strength and durability while restoring function and appearance. It doesn’t rely on surrounding teeth as it has it’s own support system and is a permanent fixture, lasting your lifetime if looked after properly.

Benefits of dental implants

Dental implants can provide a permanent replacement for missing teeth and are becoming a popular choice over bridges or dentures, with many benefits including:

Improved speech: Missing teeth and poor-fitting dentures can make speaking clearly difficult. Fixed implants can help you speak without the fear of slipping dentures.

Improved appearance: Implants appear natural and can remove gaps from between your teeth, which can provide your face with better structure.

Long-term solution: Your implants can be permanent, with many lasting a lifetime.

Better comfort: Removable dentures can be uncomfortable and awkward when eating or talking. Your new permanent fixtures fit naturally into your mouth.

Better health: Experience better long term oral health as implants do not require altering the surrounding teeth, unlike a bridge.

Improved diet: Replacing missing teeth with a permanent fixture means patients can eat a greater variety of food as chewing is much easier.

Fine Dentistry can offer different types of dental implants at our Melbourne clinic, depending on your individual situation and personal preference. Single or multiple implants are available if you are missing one or more teeth, or the whole arch can be replaced with one of our more involved procedures:

All-on-4 Procedure

All-on-4 implants provide a permanent solution for replacing a full arch of teeth and offer an alternative to removable dentures. The fixture is secured by four screws implanted within the jaw providing a secure and permanent solution.

Find out more about All-on-4 here.

Implant Overdentures

Implant overdentures offer a secure fit but are still removable for cleaning. Unlike traditional dentures, implant overdentures can allow greater comfort and improved speech with less risk of slipping.

Dental Implants Melbourne

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