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With the latest technology, dentists are now able to see more clearly the development of teeth in young patients. Early intervention orthodontics means potential issues can be identified before they become more severe, and a plan for treatment is developed to prevent or reduce the problem and its impact. Preventive procedures can offer the best chance for your child’s teeth, jaw and facial appearance to develop unimpeded. Left untreated could mean expensive and possibly painful procedures in the future to correct the problem, which may not result in a complete fix.

Why early intervention?

Children begin to grow in permanent teeth at around Seven years of age. Therefore, at this stage orthodontic problems can arise. As the child’s bones are still growing at this point, it is an ideal time to evaluate and begin any necessary orthodontic treatment. It also means that issues such as crowding can be addressed earlier. The position of permanent teeth can be determined and altered to ensure that teeth grow in correctly.

When to bring in a child for early intervention

Though it is recommended that most children be assessed at these young ages of seven or eight, there are some signs that do elicit cause for concern. Loss of baby teeth at odd times, constant thumb sucking, malformed jaw, an under bite, a cross bite, or an overbite are all signs that your child may need early intervention orthodontic evaluation.

Issues we can Correct

If caught early enough, orthodontics – or orthopaedics for children – can assist your child’s teeth to develop properly, negating the need for expensive and potentially extensive surgery or treatment at a later time in life. We can assist with checking and correcting several issues:

  • Ensure space for permanent teeth to grow in without overcrowding
  • Minimise risk of impacted permanent teeth
  • Minimise the possibility of tooth removal
  • Treat crossbite

Two Phase Treatment

Orthodontic treatment can be completed in two phases to give your child the best chance at developing a beautiful smile.

Phase One occurs while your child’s jaw is still in development, often before all the baby teeth are lost. Timing is crucial during this phase as it is most effective during growth phases. Treatment during the first phase intends to correct the jaw bone alignment, leading to better function and facial structure. Completing preventive work at this stage can remove the need for corrective surgery in the future.

Phase Two can commence once all the permanent have erupted and is aimed at aligning and straightening the teeth. It will often involve braces being placed on the teeth for up to 24 months.

Early Intervention Orthodontics Melbourne

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