Tooth Coloured Fillings Melbourne VIC

Why do I need a filling?

Fillings are used to repair damage to teeth caused by decay, often called a cavity. When bacteria in the mouth rests with sugars or acids left over from foods, it can erode small areas of teeth. Once the protective enamel is damaged it is easy for decay to spread deeper into the tooth structure. Decay can cause pain, discomfort or sensitive teeth and if left untreated can lead o further damage including infected tooth pulp, gum disease, and even tooth loss.

Composite tooth-coloured filling

You can maintain the natural aesthetics of your smile with a composite tooth-coloured filling. There are various materials available which can make up a filling, but it’s a composite filling which provides the closest match with your teeth’s natural appearance. These can be used on teeth which have been fractured or have been damaged from decay, and can also be used cosmetically, such as for removing gaps from between teeth or repairing chips.

When filling a cavity which has been created due to decay, the infected area is cleaned out, then filled. The material is placed directly in the cavity or onto the tooth, where it will set. Further damage is prevented by filling the hole and stopping bacteria from spreading further into the tooth.


There are several advantages to choosing composite fillings:

  • Close natural match to tooth colour
  • Blends seamlessly with other teeth
  • Chemically bond to the tooth so there is often no need for numbing the area
  • Lower cost than gold or porcelain options
  • Restores up to 95% of original tooth strength
  • Easily repaired if damaged

Every case is unique, and a filling may be only one part of addressing and repairing your dental health. Our composite fillings may also be used as part of root canal therapy. Alternatively, if the damage to your tooth is too extensive, your dentist may recommend a porcelain crown. Discuss your circumstances with your dentist to establish a care plan for better future dental health.

Preventing decay

The best form of treatment will always be prevention. In order to prevent the need for fillings at all, we recommend following these three steps.

  1. Commit to following your at-home maintenance routine. This means you must brush your teeth twice a day, every day. As well as flossing your teeth once every day.
  2. Come in for regular check-ups with your Fine Dentistry dentist. We will give you a professional clean as well as keep an eye out for any potential signs of decay.
  3. Reduce the amounts of sugar you eat. This is difficult we know but sugars in foods and drinks are one of the main causes of decay in children and adults.

Tooth Coloured Fillings Melbourne

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