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Gum lifts have become a popular cosmetic procedure for patients wishing to have a more aesthetically pleasing smile. It is natural to feel self-conscious about your smile and often people seeking cosmetic dental treatment want to smile without trying to hide. A ‘gummy smile’ refers to when the gums appear prominently within the mouth, and some people feel, the teeth are not clearly visible.

What is a Gum Lift?

As the name suggests, the simple cosmetic surgical procedure of a gum lift increases the visibility of the teeth by raising the gum line. Corrections are usually made to the front teeth, which are the most visible, and can be applied to only one or two teeth or several.

Also known as a gingival lift, gingivectomy or gum contouring, the procedure is often straightforward and, in most cases, can be completed in one visit to Fine Dentistry. Your dentist will contour the shape of your existing gum line using the latest in laser technology, raising your gum line to expose more of your teeth and create a balanced smile.

Reasons to get a Gum Lift

There are multiple reasons as to why you may consider getting a gum lift, the most obvious being to improve your smile. The causation of this extra gum can be one of many factors. When the permanent tooth erupts, sometimes the gum does not recede, whereas some people have lips that do not adequately cover their gums when they smile. Additionally as people age, their gums can recede over time and show more tooth than is desired.

Gum lifts are popular due to their often quick recovery time and minimal discomfort post-surgery. There is no need for stitches and any pain is manageable with over the counter paracetamol. The procedure is often carried out with other cosmetic surgeries, such as porcelain crowns or veneers, which can increase recovery time. When done on its own, your gums will have healed after a week.

Caring for your Gums

Generally, your gums will heal quite quickly after a gum lift. There are a few steps you can take to ensure that your gums heal well and maintain health. Taking care of your oral hygiene is important to ensure that both your gums and teeth are well looked after. You should still brush your teeth after having a gum lift, brushing gently twice a day is in important for your gums. Flossing is also an integral part of looking after your mouth. It’s also highly recommended to avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking, as it will hinder your healing process.

If you feel that your gums are affecting your smile than getting a gum lift is a procedure you may wish to consider.

Gum Lift Melbourne

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