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Replace all teeth in the upper or lower jaw


Replace all teeth with implants

Dental implants have come of age and are very often the most durable, comfortable, predictable, and definitive solution for lost or failing teeth.

Dental Implant Bridges - the modern solution


The modern acrylic denture we know today has been around for about 50 years. However complete dentures themselves have known to have been used since the Ancient Egyptians and the Etruscans pre- 700BC.

A complete denture sits on top of the gums where the missing teeth were and is a low-cost method to replace missing teeth. It can be uncomfortable, affect the ability to experience the full taste, feel and temperature of food, cause sore gums, and shift and click in the mouth when one speaks, eats, smiles, yawns or coughs.

However we now have far better options available to replace all of our teeth or a complete set of dentures without resorting to 3,000 year old solutions. 

The modern solution is the titanium dental implant 

- 21st century technology!

replace all teeth with dental implants






One of the biggest challenges in people who have lost all of their teeth is in keeping their jaw bone. Teeth are the stimulus which keeps the jaw bone, and once they are lost, the jaw bone gradually shrinks away. This eventually causes enormous problems for denture wearers as a result of the lack of enough jaw structure to hold a denture in the mouth.

When this occurs dentures move about, develop sore areas, trap food under the denture, and generally become very uncomfortable to wear. Many denture wearers also suffer embarrassing situations where they lose their dentures in public.

As the dental implants  provide points of firm attachment for new teeth, they can help solve these problems posed by traditional dentures. People who have had their dentures replaced by implant supported dental bridges report that their dental implants are far more comfortable, convenient and attractive than the dentures they had previously worn.

They also report fewer problems when eating and talking and state that biting and chewing are very similar to biting and chewing with normal teeth.


There are several options available to replace a complete jaw of missing teeth using dental implants. The main difference is in the strength, quality, comfort, appearance and cost.

The minimum number of implants is always four. However, the risk with only placing four, is, what if one of the implants fail? "All-on-4" quickly becomes none on three!


Compare the various implant bridge options  :

Comparison Table


Do you have Loose, Floppy, hard to deal with Dentures?

Many people with ill-fitting dentures enjoy the advantages of having implants which anchor their teeth in place. They prefer implant-supported teeth because they don’t like the embarrassment and inconvenience of loose dentures when they speak, smile, or are with their friends, clients or co-workers – or when they try to eat. 

Implant-supported teeth are largely indistinguishable from natural teeth.

The biggest advantage is that the teeth are securely held in place which allows for better speech, eating, comfort, facial support and peace-of-mind.

Having teeth fixed in place with dental implants allows you to be more comfortable when speaking and eating because they are permanently anchored to your jaw, unlike lose traditional removable complete or partial dentures which can shift and slip around.

Zirconia - the material of the future!

Prettau zirconia is incredible in every way!  Strength, aesthetics and very little wear on opposing teeth. Zirkonzahn who manufacture the Prettau zirconia is presently the only company in the world that has committed to an entire system and protocol to create a full arch zirconia solution for missing teeth. 

The aesthetics of the Prettau Zirconia bridge rival the hand-crafted porcelain crown bridge and is far superior to the acrylic hybrid bridge. One of it's most important difference is that it will not chip or break. 

Acrylic hybrid bridges can not only chip and break but wear over time. The Prettau Bridge has no wear in itself and extremely low wear of the other teeth against which it is chewing.

If you look at every fixed implant supported option available, the Prettau Bridge offers the best choice. Aesthetics, Comfort, Retrievability, and Longevity. 



Get the smile you deserve - Permanently!