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Teeth Whitening in Canterbury

Get a Brighter Smile at Fine Dentistry

Teeth Whitening CanterburyIf you’ve noticed that your teeth seem to look darker than they did a few years ago, you may not be imagining things. Over time, tooth enamel can accumulate stains and discolouration from our food, beverages, tobacco products, the environment or even certain medications that we take.

Unfortunately, a darker smile can make your teeth look older than they are.

A fast and effective way to lighten the colour of your enamel is to have your teeth professionally whitened. Not only does whitening remove a stain that has built up, but it can also lighten the natural colour of your enamel.

Advantages of Professional Whitening

Instead of over-the-counter products, whitening gels and kits are used by our dentists. They

  • Feature professional grade and concentrations of ingredients
  • Are custom-fitted and applied to your teeth
  • Whiten your smile faster and brighter

Depending on the type of treatment you select, it’s possible to whiten your teeth in one appointment or with an individualised take-home kit. Both have their advantages, ranging from fast results to more flexible applications that are simple to maintain.

The First Step in Your Smile Makeover

Having whiter teeth allows our dentists to match new restorations against a brighter “canvas.” If you’re having a new crown made or a few veneers placed, whitening your teeth enhances the overall look of your smile. Unfortunately, fixed dental work cannot be bleached once it is placed; as such, it’s better to whiten your smile before undergoing more extensive cosmetic treatment.

For many people, whitening their teeth is the perfect smile makeover on its own. Brighter smiles are often seen as healthier and younger, without having any additional work done.

Talk To Us About Whitening Options

Talk to one of our dentists today to find out which type of whitening option is best for you!

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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